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Moving Kids, Plants, Pets and Electronics

Every move has its challenges. Thankfully, professional removalists have experience with a wide range of these challenges, so even the most complicated moves can be pulled off without any issues. In this article, we will discuss some helpful points to help you plan your move.


Moving with Kids

Children can make moving house a huge task. In short, there are two key steps every household should consider. The first step is getting the children involved in packing and unpacking their own stuff. This will give them an opportunity to help and start the lifelong process of organising their belongings. The second key step to consider, particularly young children, is to get them out of the way during the move. They are another hazard for removalists to work around, and they have a habit of distracting parents from their work.


Moving Plants

When you’ve spent years caring for them, the prospect of relocating plants can be worrying. Plants may be quite hardy, but they are rarely installed with the prospect of portability in mind. Even plants in pots can be extremely difficult to move because of their weight, height and the size of the pots. Plants should be kept upright during a move to maintain their soil. However, if they are taller than the truck that’s transporting them, another arrangement may need to be discussed with the moving company.


Moving Pets

Pets can find moving just as stressful as humans. This sort of stress can cause animals to act in unpredictable ways. If it’s possible, you should move them in the same vehicle you normally take them to the vet in. Pay special attention to them for the first few days in the new place to make sure they have settled in. Maintain any rituals like feeding times or scheduled walks to assist this process.


Moving Electronics

With many of us now electricity dependent, it’s worth noting that removalists have experience moving sensitive domestic and commercial electronics. Occasionally, special equipment and handling procedures may be required. One tip many removalists will share with their clients is not to turn on their refrigerator until it has had half an hour to settle in its new location due to the movement of coolant through the cooling system. This is one example of why it’s important to chat with your removalists about all of the electronics you will be moving.


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