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Moving with Children – What You Should Know


Moving house can be stressful enough before you introduce children to the mix. If you’re a parent, you will understand the special needs of your child, but it’s important to realise they will respond to your mood and state of mind too. If moving house is making you stressed, it’s important to be considerate of how that stress affects the rest of your family. In this article, we will discuss some steps to make moving house with children as easy as possible.


Plan Carefully

Planning a move is the most important step to pulling it off without any hassles. When you’re moving, it is necessary to consider the logistics of personal transportation e.g. who will be travelling in which vehicles, when, with what, etc.

If you are hiring removalists to help with the heavy lifting, it can be a lot easier if the children are out of the way. You are likely paying the removalists by the hour, and children running around can slow down the team. They’ll need total awareness while carrying heavy items to avoid collisions.


Organize a Baby Sitter

Children don’t always understand when their parent’s attention is needed elsewhere. Whether it’s tugging on the sleeve while you’re cooking, or yelling at you while you’re doing bills, moving house is one situation where it can simpler to have the children occupied. Have a relative take them to the museum or plan your move during a school day so your children will be out of the way.


Don’t Pack Crucial Items

If you know your child is likely to throw a tantrum without their favourite toy, it shouldn’t be packed. Keep valuable items and a box of baby wipes available in a bag to take with the kids. The last thing you’ll need is your child unpacking all the boxes to find that one thing they need.


Make Moving Fun

If your children are old enough, have them pack their own boxes and bags. Teach them to organize their belongings and, where possible, get rid of items they no longer need. The earlier they learn these skills, the easier it will be to maintain them throughout their life.

You can also reward with pizza and ice-cream, or watching their favourite movie once they’re all unpacked.


Discuss Your Moving Needs with an Expert

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