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All About Seniors Moving

While many of us have the dream to settle in a place for ‘the rest of our lives’, seniors may need to move house for different reasons. Sometimes it is necessary due to money, family or health conditions. Other times it’s simply to get a place with a better view or closer to vital services. Whatever the reason may be, moving for seniors presents unique challenges that can be handled with the right plan. In this article, we will discuss some tips for maximising the efficiency of a move.


Hire Professional Help

Professionals are very helpful when it comes to moving house. Whether you are hiring people to pack and unpack your belongings, or you are going to do that yourself, professional removalists make the actual move a breeze. They will be able to safely carry out heavy items, and can assist with any necessary furniture disassembly.


Antiques and Valuable Furniture

Seniors are more likely to have valuable items that may be tricky to move. Whether its art, keepsakes or handmade antiques, these items can be the most complicated aspects of a house relocation. It is important to hire a quality mover with insurance and the ability to store materials in a secure storage facility for short or long-term periods, depending on your requirements.


Recruit Family Assistance

If you are a senior are considering moving, think back to those times when you helped your children move and call in a returned favour. Get your children and grandchildren to help you pack boxes, clean bathrooms and do some of the heavy lifting. You will be doing them a favour by providing physical activity and a break from all the time they spend staring at screens. Make sure you thank them so they’ll be there to help again in the future.


Work Closely with any Associated Home Helpers

If you employ home cleaners, a support carer, or a nurse who regularly visits your home, discuss your plans for moving well in advance. Depending on the distance of your move, it should be possible to maintain all of their necessary services, but occasionally it may be necessary to hire someone new. The best way to figure this out is to have these conversations early. Furthermore, you might have specific items, like medical equipment, which may require special knowledge to transport safely.


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