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After You Move – The Psychology of Settling in


Once upon a time, humans were a largely nomadic species, but we have become increasingly domesticated over recent centuries. The process of relocating everything we own, even if it is just around the corner, can create the impression of changing our whole lives. According to most psychologists, it takes about 21 days to settle into a new home. In this article, we will take a look at some ways in which you can make your house a home from the moment you move in.


Get to Know the Area

The first step in transforming a house into a home is to take some time off to do so. Transform your house into a sanctuary – watch some movies, read a good book, and then, when you’ve relaxed in your home, get to know the area.

A great way to settle into your new home is to become involved. This could involve signing up to some clubs, gyms or sporting facilities nearby, joining the local library or volunteering group, or even getting to know your neighbours. Invite them over for dinner. New friends in a new house will quickly help it become a home, and you will feel settled and comfortable in no time.


Clean Your House

Cleaning may not be the easiest or most exciting thing to do, but it is well worth doing. Cleaning a space will make it feel like it belongs to you so you can decorate it with ease.

If you are moving into an already cleaned space, consider making it homelier by cleaning the air e.g. lighting a nice scented candle, incense, or burning some sage. It’s easier than vacuuming, freshens your new home, and will give you time to consider how your situation is changed.



Fill the unfamiliar space with familiar decorations. When you hang up your mother’s or children’s artwork on the new walls, you will feel settled and comfortable in no time.

If your decorations no longer work with the new layout, take the family to the local shopping centre and spend some time together to purchase new ones.


Organise a Housewarming

Another great way to settle into a new home is to fill it with your favourite people. A gathering of friends and family can be a great way to start feeling at home in your new place. Using your kitchen to cook and your space to entertain will help you get used to the new space, and seeing familiar people in an unfamiliar place will also help you settle in.

If you are organising a commercial move, a new office party is a great way to help employees adapt to the new location.


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