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Why Spring is such a Traditional Time for Moving

Everyone has heard of spring cleaning, and many would have noticed that it is a popular time of year for people to move house. There is a pattern to this behaviour, and it relates to the ongoing natural connection humans share with the world. In this article, we will discuss how seasons affect us and give us opportunities for different kinds of growth.


Summer is for Honeymoons

For the purpose of this article, the term, ‘honeymoon’, is less specific than a post-wedding celebration. Summer is hot, bright, and the time to be outside with friends and family. It is a great time for family holidays during school break, and it’s the most popular time of year for people to take leave from work. When it comes to moving house or a commercial relocation, many people feel like summer is too hot, so they would rather be settled into a place with good conditioning before it comes around.


Winter is for Hibernation

Winters in Australia may be significantly more temperate than other places in the world, but they can still be very cold. The best place to be in winter is rugged up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. When it comes to moving house, winter is usually considered too cold, and the possibility of everything getting wet is one that worries many people.


Autumn is for Reflection

After the honeymoon period of summer and before the hibernation of winter, autumn is the perfect time for relaxing and getting stuff done. It is still warm enough to go outside and make the necessary preparations for winter. It is a popular time for moving house, but not as popular as spring, which is probably because there is still a lingering warmth from summer that breeds contentment.


Spring is for Change


Humans may not be hibernating creatures, strictly speaking, but many still report feeling like they hibernate during winter. To many, it is extremely frustrating that it’s so cold and wet outside. There is a lot of time to dream during winter and make plans for the year to come. That’s why, when spring comes forth from the frosty cold of winter, people are ready for big actions, like moving and cleaning houses.


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