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The ABC Of Storage Solutions

There are dozens of companies and options available when it comes to storing your belongings. Unless you have a specific idea of what you require, the best thing you can do is hire storage space from a company with a wide range of services. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common options available in the storage solution market.


Serviced Versus Self-Service Storage

The differences between serviced and self-service storage are varied, and in both cases, there is often considerable overlap. The main difference is that a serviced storage option will be looked after for you. Removalists can transfer items from your space into the storage unit, and then transfer them to their new home when you are ready. Self-service storage means renting a locker and transferring materials yourself.


Short Term and Temporary Storage

Whether you are relocating a library, a commercial operation or the contents of a family home, there is often a short gap between the removal and the installation. Short term and temporary storage is just that: somewhere to store your items between locations. It is often charged at a higher rate than long term storage, but that higher cost is linked to easier access and faster dispatch from the storage facility.


Long Term Storage

If you are relocating for six months while you work interstate, or taking that international trip of a lifetime, long-term storage can be substantially cheaper than paying rent. Even if you own your own property, it might make sense to rent it and use the rental income to cover your storage box while you’re away.


Archive Storage

Whether you’re moving or renovating your office, it can sometimes be preferable to store your archives offsite. Perhaps you have upgraded to a digital archive system, but need to keep your paper records because of a legal requirement. Archive storage is a means of storing sensitive documents in an accessible form so that they can be reached if necessary.


Fragile and High Security Item Storage

No matter the nature or size of your items, there are a few things you’ll need to discuss with your storage company before you use their services. Inquire about their insurance and record keeping practices, as well as their security procedures. Are there 24/7 security personnel? What is the coverage of CCTV cameras?


Corporate and Commercial Storage

There are many reasons for which commercial and corporate organisations may need to make use of storage. Such organisations have their own requirements, and it is best that they negotiate these with the storage company to form an arrangement that suits both parties.


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