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Preparing to Move – The Essentials you need to have

Preparing to Move – The Essentials

 Moving can be a stressful process, but it is also a time of great excitement. There are so many things to consider and having a great plan of action will certainly speed up and facilitate this process – whether you’re a regular home owner or a business moving locations.

J Doolan Removals have been in the moving business for nearly 100 years – so we know a thing or two about how to best plan your big move.

Your first step is to contact us here to ask a question – or to get a quote for the job – as having your moving company organised well in advance is a sure fire way to save yourself a headache later on.

But here’s a quick guide to some other things to do and think about when you’re moving.


What to Do First?

J Doolan Removals is fully insured for the purposes of transit, but you’ll want to make sure you have home and contents insurance set up for your new place – as well as all the utilities and internet that you’ll need to move right in and hit the ground running.

One thing you’ll want to do is make sure you know where everything is going. Complete a floor plan for your new home and arrange where the furniture is going. If you’re moving your business, you’ll need to think carefully about how the accessibility requirements of your current business can be matched to the new environment you’ll be moving into.

Organise your items carefully! The first step to organising items is to throw away anything that’s unnecessary or that won’t fit the requirements of your new space. Remember – a new property is a new opportunity – and while continuity is important, don’t miss the opportunity to deck out a new space!

Arrange and label your cartons carefully, and remember essentials such as bubble wrap, tape, permanent markers, and wrapping paper. Pack lighter items in large cartons, heavier items in smaller cartons – and put the heavier items all together as these will be loaded at the bottom.

Think about the way in which you want things to be unpacked in your new property, and the order they’ll be unpacked – and pack like with like. Be especially careful to pack separately and mark fragile items. If there are fragile personal items that you are particularly concerned about – it may even give you peace of mind to take them separately in a car yourself.

On the Day

Make sure you’ve got all your essentials with you – medicines, refreshments, cutlery, cups and plates, tissues, toilet paper, towels, garbage bags, cleaning products, screwdriver, packing tape, Stanley knife, notepad and pen etc. Anything you might need on the actual day of moving should be ready and not buried in a moving box.

Wear appropriate clothing. Remember – it can get hot and sweaty moving a lot of stuff. While our expert movers will do the hard yards, it’s still important to wear comfortable shoes – and perhaps even steel cap boots if you’re around heavy items.

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As a 4th generation family owned company – we know all the ins and outs and ups and downs of moving. Come visit us in East Keilor – or contact us today for an efficient and gentle move!