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Plan, Design and Execute the Perfect Move

Many people have had bad moving experiences, but it doesn’t need be so terrible. In fact, moving can be an opportunity for new beginnings and letting go of bad memories. There are many ways to pull this off, and in this article, we will discuss some key steps that we believe are necessary to pulling off the perfect move.


Planning a Move

A move usually takes at least one calendar month to plan. The simplest move will be from your present house to the new one in a single day. You will need keys for both places, and your removalists should be able to collect and relocate all of your belongings; which should be in boxes and ready to travel.


Intermediate Storage Options

Depending on the necessary requirements of your move, you need to store some belongings at a storage facility midway through the process. If this is part of your plan, you should label boxes with clear labels it’s for easy for removalists to tell what goes where.


There is no Substitute for Preparation

It might sound pointless, but meditate on the upcoming move as part of your planning. Imagine the pathway of everything you own from where it is now to its arrival at its new home. What needs to go into a box, and which items, plants and/or animals are going to be the hardest to move? Which things are you dreading packing because you know there’s a good chance they won’t get used? Is there a piece of furniture that won’t fit into your new property?


Executing a Commercial Move

Commercial relocations have additional complications on top of domestic moves. Often, a commercial relocation will mean that the business has to operate at reduced capacity for the duration of the move. If you are planning a move, you have a duty to liaise with your client to make sure any interruptions are predictable and manageable.


Settling into Your New Place with Purpose

One of the key components of a successful move is a great integration with the new space . One popular method is by having a fire, hosting a housewarming gathering, or taking a staycation. Whatever method takes your fancy, take the time to make your new house a home.


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