Packing boxes

Packing and Unpacking – Doing it Right!

Packing and Unpacking – Doing it Right!

While moving can be an exciting experience, packing and unpacking your boxes can be a nightmare if you don’t do it right.

J Doolan Removals provide a number of great services in relocating, packing and unpacking, and short- and long-term storage. However, there are several things you should keep in mind in any event about how to pack and unpack the right way.

Here are a few pointers:

Inventories and Schedules

One of the most common mistakes that people make is to not leave enough time for their move. Packing boxes – especially packing them with care and with proper order – takes time – usually much more time than you’re anticipating.

Plan well in advance when your packing needs to be done, and how many boxes to pack per day to achieve that goal.

It’s better to leave yourself quite a bit of time to pack everything, so you might want to consider starting with the most inessential or least used items/rooms first. That way – the essentials like your kitchen and laundry – can continue to be used until the final day or so of packing.

We’d recommend keeping an inventory or checklist too. Categorise things by use (which usually means by room) and make sure you’ve got everything sorted. This is also a good opportunity to assess what things you don’t need or whether you have too much of something. Remember: moving is always a good opportunity to declutter or downsize!

Labelling Boxes

Labelling boxes is essential when you have other people moving your things. Label the boxes with their contents but also with the rooms they are going in – that way everything can be put into the correct room first and then unpacked inside those rooms. Breaking down the steps to packing and unpacking always make the job easier.

How to Pack Specific Items

Breakage is always a liability when you’re moving a lot of items. Being stressed out or leaving insufficient time heightens the likelihood that there will be mistakes and breakages, so remember to leave yourself enough time to package each item as best as possible.


Layer the bottom of the carton with roughly 4 inches of crushed paper. Individually wrap items and stand them upright on their end. Rinse and repeat – placing a small amount of crushed paper between each plate and bowl.


Wrap individual glasses with butcher’s paper and tuck excess paper into top of the glasses – stand upright and separate with crushed paper.


If you move with us, porta-robes are supplied on the day, free of charge, to transport clothing directly out of a wardrobe into our upright mobile porta-robes. This way, your clothes won’t get crushed!

TVs/Blu Ray Players etc.

These items you need to be particularly careful with and require their own moving protocols. When you move with us we use a folded thick furniture pad that is placed on the floor of the truck. The appliance is put on the pad to reduce impact and wrapped in another felt furniture pad.

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