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Have you ever Considered Storage?

Have You Ever Considered Storage?

We accumulate a lot of stuff over the years, and while we might often want to get rid of a lot of it – it’s not always possible. There are some things which we don’t need – or don’t need right now – but we simply can’t get rid of them.

It might also be the case that you only need a short-term storage solution, to facilitate moving into new property.

Here’s a guide to the pros and cons of storage solutions, from the friendly team at J Doolan.



Perhaps the greatest benefit to professional storage facilities is their reliability and security. In addition to being insured, our storage facilities offer maximum protection, 24-hour security and on-site alarms. We can also arrange collection and delivery of your storage items at any time – ensuring maximum accessibility.

Keeping things in your garage or in the shed can leave items vulnerable to temperature changes, mould, and pests. Storage facilities provide a pest free environment – so they are particularly useful if you’re storing items that could be potentially damaged by such things. Perhaps you have a library that you need stored, or artwork that doesn’t fit in your house – storage facilities are perfect for such items.

Because of the ease of accessibility – storage facilities are a great benefit to people who like to vary the décor of their homes with the seasons. A whole host of home furnishings for winter might be stored during the summer – only to be easily switched over when the time comes. Storage gives you flexibility in how you choose to decorate and upkeep your home.


There are a couple of downsides to storage facilities, but nothing we believe that counts against its many benefits.

For one thing, keeping your things in storage obviously costs money – money that you might otherwise spend on other things of equal value. However, at J Doolan we offer very competitive rates and have a strong history of keeping our customers happy.

If you keep things in storage, there is obviously some drop off in accessibility. You can’t just run to the garage to grab something – so some might feel it takes away a little bit of the spontaneity of keeping all your things at home. In our experience, however, most people will keep a lot of items buried and unseen for years without thinking about it. In fact, using a storage facility – with its inventory and organisation – can help you to be more aware of all your belongings and force you to think creatively about what you want to keep and use and why.

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At J Doolan our serviced storage facilities are purpose built and designed to safely store furniture, antiques and household items. Our facilities are safe, secure, and accessible. Discover the benefits of our storage facilities by contacting us today!